Did you know there are some exceptional fiber producers and fiber artisans here on the Plateau?  Locally produced and hand made products will be available so don't miss it.  What a perfect gift for Mom (don't forget Mother's Day).

  • Raw and Processed Fiber for spinning, felting and all fiber crafts.
  • Fiber Arts Tools
  • Yarns Galore
  • Felted Art
  • Handmade apparel

           ...and more


  • What is lanolin?
  • Have you wondered how yarn is spun?
  • How is cloth woven?
  • Is knitting for me?

There will be demonstrations and hands-on opportunities to experience fiber fun.




Meet the local fiber farmers.  If you are considering adding fiber animals to your farm, this is a great opportunity to find out about breeds, animal care, sustainable farming and whatever else you may just want to know.  Farmers just love to talk "farm".

Connect with fellow fiber artisans.  Bring your wheel or spindle and join the spinning circle.